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Here is an introductory video to show you just how quick and easy our system will work for your business.


Why should I use an electronic signature system?

There’s lots of beneficial reasons, But the easy answer is that it’s flat-out good for the growth, efficiency, and stability of your business. Let’s take a look …

First, let’s use a standard business Invoice for a Property Management company as an example.

In the days before the internet and fax machines, Property Managers would have to take an invoice to the Trustees/Directors for them to “sign” their approval. With the advent of fax machines, the process became somewhat easier. The Invoice was faxed from one Trustee/Director to the next and each, in-turn, signed the document. At the end of this process, the property Manager was pleased to have secured the necessary signatures/authority for the payment of the Invoice.

Then came the Internet. Email simplified everything and made everyone’s life easier. Invoices were now attached to an email and sent instantly to all the relevant parties at once. When the Manager had enough approvals, the Invoice was paid.

Sounds simple right! So what’s the problem? The problem is twofold. If the Property Manager pays the Invoice without printing and attaching all the “approvals,” then there is no actual evidence of approval. If the Property Manager does print all the “approval” emails and attaches them to the invoice, this wastes time, paper, and money.

To compete in your industry and grow your brand with a reliable paper trail, you will need a present day advanced system.

It must…

  • Feature the latest technology
  • Display all the approvals on the Invoice
  • Function entirely web based
  • Handle almost every document necessary for your business
  • Deliver a simple user interface and secure & effective results
  • Boost efficiency, save you money by slashing printing costs, and help the environment by eliminating wasteful printing

The bottom line: Any property management company without a superior EAS is in hot water. Every month, they’ll be swamped with documents that require approval of the Trustees / Directors, quotes, invoices, meeting minutes, petty cash, top-up etc.

The solution?


With this cutting-edge EAS you can…

  • Deliver Documents to as many as 8 people
  • List the name, position, email address, and date of approval for every Approver
  • Get approval for external AND internal documents
  • Choose between an Open or Sequential approval process
  • Archive All Documents automatically
  • Process Single or multipage documents
  • Share secure SSL encrypted data
  • Feature your Company branding

AND … Afford the best EAS on the market!
U-SIGN-IT provides the flexibility to efficiently and effectively conduct your business.
Now that’s peace-of-mind.

It makes your life EASY and your bottom-line HAPPY!