U-SIGN-IT is the name of our Electronic Signature System and we refer to each document/package/envelope sent as a FastSign.

We do not charge per User or per Month and offer two options:

Single Send – This is used to send the same document to up to 5 Signers for their joint approval. This is charged as one FastSign.

Bulk Send – This is used to send the same document to a bulk list of
individual Signers. These are charged per Signer.
Note: Each recipient’s details will be reflected on the foot of each page
(single or multipage) once they have signed.
As FastSigns are not linked to a time period, you do not lose them. This
enables you to buy in bulk and benefit from our price differential.
We charge per document sent (single or multipage), however, in terms of
fair usage policy, we will discuss an extra charge with you if you send
FastSigns exceeding 30 pages on a regular basis.
When you need more FastSigns, these can be bought by clicking on “Buy
FastSigns” tab on the left side of your Dashboard. Once payment has
been received your account will be adjusted and you will receive an Invoice
by email.

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