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Despite Electronic Signatures being legal for nearly 2 decades, there is still confusion as to the various laws regulating their use..

After countless hours of research on the Internet, the current situation is as follows. There are 2 Acts which are most often referred to and which the majority of countries use.  These are The ESIGN Act and The eIDAS Regulations.  The aim of both is to give Electronic Signatures legal status, thus affording them court admissibility.

  1. THE ESIGN ACT – this can be a symbol: Both parties must agree to the use Electronic Signatures as a means to transact electronically.
  2. THE eIDAS REGULATION – a tickbox can be used to sign documents: These Regulations apply to EU member states and come in 3 types – Standard Electronic Signatures (SES), Advanced Electronic Signatures (AES) and Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES).


Our SES system can save you and your Client’s time and money by shortening the document signature turnaround time from days to hours.   Our research indicates that millions of documents are sent around the world every day for signature.  A proportion of these documents can only be signed using an AES or QES system.  However, using these systems when an SES system is acceptable, is a waste of money, given the cost differences between the various systems. 

An even larger portion of documents are still sent for signature the old fashioned way, requiring the recipient to print, sign, scan and email the document back  Our system eliminates all this by allowing the Client to simply tick a box.

We know that the idea of a tickbox takes getting used to, but can assure you that it is legal.  To check what documentation is appropriate for our system, view LEGAL ADMISSIBILITY.

NB – Documents can only be uploaded in PDF and  once sent, cannot be altered.

We are not qualified to give legal advice and nothing on this site must be taken as such.




SES –  Standndard Electronic Signature is usually used for company administrative and general company documentation.  This is the largest proportion of daily documentation submitted for signature and this is where we can assist you by saving you time and money!

AES – Advanced Electronic Signature”, a type of electronic signature that meets the following requirements: (a) it is uniquely linked to the signatory; (b) it is capable of identifying the signatory; (c) it is created using means that are under the signatory’s sole control; and (d) it is linked to other electronic data in such a way that any alteration to the said data can be detected.

QES – Qualified Electronc Signature implementation that has met the particular specifications of a government, including using a secure signature creation device, and been certified as ‘qualified’ by either that government or a party contracted by that government.


Any Document, single or multipage, (max 25 Pages) is counted as one Fastsign.

Up to 5 signers can sign a Fastsign Document.

No more printing, signing, scanning and emailing back to the Sender. One tick does it all!

“The possibilities are endless.”

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