U-Sign-It provides an affordable, easy to use, secure and convenient Electronic Signature solution for business’ around the world.


As part of global efforts to move away from a paper based environment, create a uniform standard for electronically signed documents/agreements and make them as legally binding as paper based ones or simply give them “legal admissibility”. Most of the industrialised economies have enacted their own “Electronic Signature Laws.

The days of faxing documents for approval are dead and gone. As part of the international movement to move away from a paper based environment, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, the USA, the UK, the European Union (and many others) have all enacted their own versions of an “Electronic Transactions Act”.  The aim of this legislation is to create a uniform standard for electronically signed documents and agreements making them as legally binding as paper based ones.

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An “e-signature” is a simple and recognized way to indicate consent or approval on a digital document and is legally binding.   Under most countries’ laws, an “e-signature” is any electronic “sound”, “symbol” or “process” that is related to an agreement/document and executed with the intent to sign/approve that document.  U-Sign-It use an electronic symbol for its agreement/document approval.

U-Sign-It offer workflows that track every step in the signature process, such as when the document was sent and signed. The email address of each signer is also tracked.  This additional data provides clear, easily verifiable evidence of each party’s signature/approval on any e-signed document.


A “digital signature” (also known as an “advanced e-signature”) requires the signer to attach a digital certificate to the document which positively establishes the identity of the signer. These certificates are generally issued by an independent certificate authority, which verifies the identity of the signer before issuing the certificate.  Due to the stringent requirements for a digital certificate, the costs of acquiring and using these certificates can be prohibitive.


Because of their simplicity, ease of use, affordability, cost structure and legal admissibility, U-Sign-It’s “e-signature” system is ideal for the day to day approval of company administrative documents (both external and internal).

Digital or Advanced Electronic Signatures, by virtue of their stringent requirements do carry higher evidentiary weight and are accepted as legal proof of signature.  This makes them ideal for the signing documents that have a higher degree of legal import.

Finally there are those documents that by law require the personal attendance of one or more of the signatories depending on the Country they are being used in:

  • Migration and Citizenship
  • Wills and Powers of Attorney
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Death Certificates
  • Family and Inheritance Law
  • Mortgage Agreements
  • Incorporation of Companies and Tax matters
  • Bills of Exchange and other Negotiable Instruments
  • Government Agreements.
  • and others.


The above information makes it clear that it is important for you to be aware that different types of signatures (electronic or digital) can be used on different types of documents.  This distinction is of prime importance when choosing the most cost effective and appropriate system for your needs


At U-Sign-It we understand the importance of our client’s information.  All Documents are encrypted before being emailed to preselected signers and can only be accessed through a link in the email.  All documents are also automatically archived.  No information will ever be used by us for any purpose and will only be shared with others in terms of a subpoena or Court Order.


U-Sign-It cannot provide legal advice and therefore no information on this page must be taken as such.  As the “Electronic Signature Laws” referred to are country specific, U-Sign-It strongly advises that you seek legal advice from your local expert/attorney.

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